We’re excited to take care of your home and can’t wait to impress you with our service. 

Nobody likes pests or termites. Unfortunately, there are times when no matter what you do, uninvited guests attack and take over your home. Take control before they do and protect your home.  It’s important to identify these pests and use a professional to determine the appropriate treatments. 


A difficult part of homeownership is that most pests and termites are hard to detect until it’s too late. This is where professional pest control services can help you. Professional pest control can identify your pest problem, locate them and have the capability to successfully eliminate them.  We understand that every home is different and we will take extra care in inspecting it to find the best solution. 


We are happy to sweep and treat eaves for termites, spiders, wasps, and more. We will work to ensure your peace of mind.  Foundation and entry protection can be provided to keep critters outside and away. Customized property inspections and treatments are part of what we offer every time during our initial consultation. 


At Wild Pest Control, we will inspect your property and recommend the best system based on what is needed, whether it’s prevention or treatment! We have different termite control options depending on your property and the type of Termite that is living in it. We can recommend an option which will be tailored to suit all needs. Don’t forget you should have your home inspected annually.

Common Questions About Residential Termite & Pest Control

See some common questions and answers below, or call us at (858) 251-9085

You should have your property inspected annually by a licensed inspector. This allows us to monitor the home and stay on top of any infection or infestation. We also recommend you perform your own inspection about every 2-4 months. This help keep maintenance costs down.

In most cases we will need someone home to let us into the property or a lock box can also be provided. It will also depend on the customer and the service(s) they are requesting.

It depends on the size of the structure. Anywhere from 700 – 2000 square feet can normally be done in about an hour. It also depends on what type of inspection you are looking for such as a complete inspection, Interior and exterior or a Limited inspection limited to a specific area or a fumigation bid.

For Pest Control an inspection can be perform and you can sign an agreement on the spot and start service right away. As for a WDO Inspection a report must be filed with the state and be provided to the customer prior to any work starting. However Wild Wild Pest Control uses state of the art software allowing us to type reports very quickly for the option of same day or even next day services.

Depends on the service. Rodent inspections start at $150.00 and Termite inspection for homeowners is no charge unless it is for an escrow or VA/FHA transaction which then the cost is based on the square footage of the home and start at $75.00.


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