Inspect a house before it’s sold.

Make sure the house is free of termites and other pests that can harm the house with inspections from Wild Wild Pest.  As a real estate agent, it’s your responsibility to both the buyer and the seller to represent a house that is infestation-free.  A pest inspection will evaluate the interior and exterior of the home for insects that cause wood damage. 


We understand the importance of the clearance process.  Lenders requirements often require what’s called a “termite report.” At Wild Wild Pest we will do our best to make sure our clients receive clearance on time and without hassle that will help ensure their loan is approved.  Most escrow or loan officer require at least section one clearance.  If it is a VA or FHA loan, a section 1 and 2 clearance may be required. The extra step and cost of having your future home inspected is well worth the peace of mind after an inspection and understanding the home’s current status.  Our specialist termite inspectors will not only evaluate for insects that cause wood damage, but they’ll also evaluate for other pests that can be an annoyance or possible threat down the line.


Forward-looking buyers and sellers will order a termite inspection to ensure problems won’t be discovered when it’s too late.  After an inspection, Wild Wild Pest control will provide a report with recommendations for you and what to expect next.  Real Estate Agents will go into the closure with confidence knowing the house has been properly evaluated. We offer reports that are convenient and provided within 24-48 hours that also show detailed photos.  Our solutions are creative with structurally sound advice that are designed to save clients money.


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