Coming Home After a Termite Fumigation

When the tent is down, how soon can you return to your home?

In normal conditions you may re-enter your home on the third day of the termite fumigation by 5:00 PM. Here is what you need to check:

  • Once your property is determined that it is safe to return to the structure, the licensed fumigator will place a sign on the front door that states, “This building is safe for Reentry,” with the date and time the fumigator deemed the property clear.
  • All secondary locks and warning signs will also be removed from the property.

We conduct a quality assurance check with you, the homeowner. Your termite inspector will walk around the home with you to make sure everything was done correctly and everything as you left it.

Will you need to save the re-entry sign that was posted on your front door to show the SDG&E technician?

Yes, this will show them that the fumigation has officially been completed and they know that it is safe to restore the gas on your property. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to schedule to have the gas turned back on and the pilots re-lit.

If your home has propane, again it would be the homeowner’s responsibility to have your propane company come out and turn on the propane and again you would need to show the technician the re-entry sign. Once this is completed, you can conduct business as normal.

Can I immediately start putting my house back in order?

Yes. As soon as you have permission to re-enter the home.

What should I throw away? 

  • throw away the Nylofume bags once emptied
  • Don’t forget to turn your Ice maker back on. Once the first batch of ice has been made, make sure you throw that batch away.

Don’t forget, if you had a satellite dish that was taken down during the fumigation, go ahead and schedule for your cable company to come back out and reconnect it for you.

Do I have to wipe down my counters and wash all my dishes after a fumigation?

No! Vikane Fumigant is a gas in which leaves no residue what so ever. Therefore you will not have to clean your home in any way due to the fumigation.

Are you wondering if your home has ever been fumigated?

“Since 1961, the law requires that, on completion of a fumigation, the fumigator must post a sign with the name of the licensee, the date of the fumigation, and the fumigant used. The sign must be posted either in the attic or in the subarea of a house. These tags are to remain permanently and should not be detached.” – Structural Pest Control Board